He graduated from İstanbul Şehir University, Department of Psychology. He is currently continuing his post graduate in Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Gedik University.

He took part in various social responsibility projects in the City Volunteers Club where he is also a founding member. Within the scope of the Mind the Mind Project of the European Federation of Psychology Students (EFPSA), he gave high school students a workshop on awareness and labeling against mental disorders. He completed his military duty as a psychologist at the Turkish Air Force 7th Main Jet Base Guidance and Counseling Center. During this period, he gave various seminars on stress, stress control and substance addiction.

He Completed Child Center Play Therapy training given by Reyhana Seedat, approved by APT (Association of Play Therapy). He has received CAS (Cognitive Assessment System) training from Istanbul University and is a CAS practitioner.

He works with children and adolescents on anger and anxiety problems, behavioral problems, special learning difficulties, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. He completed the course program on Child Rights at Harvard University. Besides,  he continues his Art and Therapy education with Dr. Zeynep Maçkalı.

Since 2016, he has been in the Cognitive Skills Training team and has been working as a Psychologist and NGO Specialist at Mind+More Counceling Center.