Cognitive Skills Training is practiced by volunteers. Volunteers are also the secondary target group of the project. Costly internships in psychology and psychological counseling and guidance departments in our country and increased education costs are the major obstacles for students to gain experience. All trainings in the Cognitive Skills Project are free of charge. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with children in reliable and controlled environments for 10 weeks with the theoretical and practical trainings they received before the project.

Volunteer application dates are announced on social media accounts before the start of the project. Volunteers are selected from 3rd and 4th grade undergraduate or graduate students and graduates from psychology and psychological counseling and guidance departments of universities. Volunteer candidates submit their CVs to or fill out the application form on the website. After the selection process, each volunteer candidate is given a return. Volunteers selected for the project participate in 3 days of theoretical and practical training. Trainings are given by Defne Aruoba Akpınar, the founder of the project and psychologists in the project team. Following the trainings, volunteers are supervised throughout the project.


What does the volunteer gain?

  • Development of professional knowledge and skills in the cognitive and social fields.
  • One-to-one working experience with children.
  • Increasing awareness of social responsibility.